Keynote Addresses (Humorous / Motivational)

“Let Me Edu-tain You”

A Keynote Address performed by Humorist/Educator Alan Ray, Ph.D.

He’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you think. He’ll motivate you to look at the world with what he calls “comic vision”.

Alan Ray is very edu-taining! This humorist and communication professor amuses, motivates, and teaches about the value of laughter in society. He not only delivers one-liners in his uniquely “Southern style”, but he also stresses the importance of satire and parody to combat stress, deal with politics, and cope with an ever-changing world.

This guy is funny. This guy is topical and timely! This guy will have the audience repeating what they’ve heard when they get back to the office.

Alan Ray is not just your average joke-teller! The message within his humor motivates and encourages others to laugh when “they might feel like crying.” At the same time, his humorous presentation challenges the audience to educate themselves on things going on around them. To Alan Ray, comedy is preventative medicine for a host of social and political situations.

For information on how to book a 30-60 minute keynote address by Alan Ray, e-mail [email protected], or call (209) 476-1511.…