Half Day/ Full Day Communication Workshops

A Full or Half Day Seminar on Writing and Speaking for Business

by Humorist/Educator
Alan Ray, Ph.D.

Create entertaining and educational presentations that will captivate audiences!

Alan Ray is very edu-taining! This humorist and communication professor speaks, writes, and teaches the “art” of communicating in a business environment. He stresses the value of using comedy and drama in any form of presentation. Whether it’s a sales pitch, classroom lecture, keynote address, or inspirational speech, Dr. Ray challenges those who speak in their jobs to “be theatric” in the preparation and delivery of any kind of talk.

Produce speeches that will keep the audience “tuned in” to you!

Because Baby Boomers and X Generators were first educated with “Sesame Street”, trainers, teachers, supervisors, and sales people must now reach their clients, customers, employees, and audiences with entertaining as well as educational presentations. Dr. Ray shows how to create, write, and deliver “edu-taining” speeches, lectures, workshops, and sales pitches. He views all speaking opportunities as a “performance on stage”, and he motivates others to “relish these moments of celebrity and attention.”

A workshop for those serious about having the audience on the edge of their seats!

In either a 3- or 6-hour seminar, attendees will learn how to–

  • Take control of stage fright
  • Outline an entertaining, educational presentation
  • Understand the basics of human communication
  • Use body movement techniques during a speech
  • Write speeches for the TV generations
  • Listen to audiences for feedback
  • Apply and create humor and dramatics to presentations
  • Employ charts and graphics as useful aids to speeches
  • Deliver dynamic, memorable presentations
  • Critique and evaluate the presentation

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