Telejoke Service

Telejoke Daily Comedy Service

Sprinkle your performance with a dash of Alan Ray’s original daily one-liners!

Since 1988, Alan Ray has written thousands of topical one-liners for hundreds of radio station morning shows, newspaper columnists, professional comedians, and business speakers.

The TeleJoke Daily issue is a sheet of 10 jokes e-mailed and/or faxed to subscribers Monday-Friday. The TeleJoke Weekly issue is 25 jokes e-mailed and/or faxed every Friday. In all, subscribers will receive 75 topical one-liners per week.

The cost to subscribers is only $28 per month (quarterly and annual rates are available). American Express, Mastercard, or Visa are accepted.

If you’re interested in a one-week free trial of TeleJoke, e-mail [email protected], or call (209) 476-1511.

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